Sno-Kone Supplies


Supplies for our Table Top Machine:

Sno-Kone syrups available in 1 Quart or
1 Gallon bottle sizes.
1 Quart: $5.75 per bottle
Flavors: Cherry, Blue Bubblegum,
Grape, Banana, Strawberry Kiwi,
Watermelon, Tiger's Blood, and
Blue Raspberry
1 Gallon: $8.95 per bottle
Flavors: Cherry, Lemon Lime, Grape,
Root Beer, Blue Bubblegum, and
Blue Raspberry
Sno-Kone Wax Paper Cups (6 oz)
$0.10 per cup
Sno-Kone Gallon Pumps (not shown)
Product #GL-701
$5.85 per pump

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