Electric Infrared Heater


Ideal for a wide variety of indoor and

outdoor applications where heating the air
is impractical or inefficient. Heats only
people and objects; not affected by drafts or
wind. Uses a standard 120V electrical outlet
making it portable and convenient. Comes
with a stable, heavy base, adjustable height
telescoping bronze stand.
Heat Output: 1,500 Watts
120V/12.5A - 16' Electrical Power Cord
Outdoor Unprotected Area: 22-33 Sq. Ft.
Outdoor Protected Area: 53-65 Sq. Ft.
Indoor Area: 65-86 Sq. Ft.
Adjustable Stand Height: 3.5' - 7'
Heater Head: 21.5" x 4" x 3"
Item #720205
$50.00 per day

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